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Our Services

Jerri Kunz Design is a full service design studio, offering a combined total of 100 years of experience to her clientele.

Our services include:
Training and expertise in lighting design and master electrical planning. Exceptional capabilities in space planning, including kitchen design, furniture layout and interior remodeling. Familiarity with all aspects of the construction process and supervisory experience. Remarkable problem solving skills, in the field and in the studio; project galvanization and through-put. Extensive resources; a large and accessible library of all types of finish materials, furniture, lighting and furnishings; aggressive pursuit of cutting-edge style product.

In-house architectural, with award winning architect Joseph H. Prados, AIA. Most importantly, we offer a keen awareness and clear understanding of you and your project, and a perceptive approach in assisting you in your creation of your own self-portrait.

Our solutions to the demands of modern living are born of independent, enlightened and witty thinking. We are skilled at the transformation of confusion into order, inchoate ideas into reality, and visual and spiritual noise into the living art of interior design. The studio is located in the heart of downtown Austin in a two story building famous for its street appeal.

Our Team:
Jerri Kunz, Interior Designer #2128
Joseph H. Prados, #10399, AIA #3004520
Kay Foster, Interior Designer #9512
Lynette Dundee, Interior Designer
Kari Quick, Interior Designer
LeAnne Ohlenburger, Administration
John McCollough, Field Services


Jerri Kunz is a graduate of the University of Texas where she was trained in Set and Lighting Design for the Theatre. In 1974 she opened her design studio in Austin, Texas. Her portfolio includes projects in a number of disciplines, among them set, lighting and costume design for the theatre; couture, millinery; furniture design and construction; event planning; interior and exterior architecture and design; lighting design and product design. She is also a published author and performer.


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Austin, Texas 78701
tel 512.474.8005
fax 512.474.8022

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